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Winter Holiday Blues

Well the members at Scrapbook4Fun have kicked off another kit..
You can check out the blog
for more freebies..
In the meantime, here is mine.. You can pick it up here.. The kits contains: 20 Papers 2 sets of Alphabets 9 Word Art 138 Elements Happy Holidays!! Brat

Support Our Military

XEROX IS DOING SOMETHING COOL.. If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them. This takes just 10 seconds and it's a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do. We can never say enough thank you's. Thanks for taking to time to support our military!

Autumn Leaves

Here is my part from the Color Challenge in Scrapbook4Fun

this kit is huge so I have set it up so you can download the entire kit or you can download it in parts..
234 Elements
48 Papers

You can pick it up here
If you prefer to download it in parts you may do so:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 The rest of the Challenge is here so be sure to pick up theirs as well.. Thanks, Brat

Freebie - giZZy

Here is a new Freebie Thanks to giZZY for the colors.. You can pick it up here

New Blog 4 The Learning Group

I have set up a new blog for my Scrapbook4Fun Learning group.. I will be sharing with you what my students have created.. They will be freebies so you are more than welcome to snag them as well.. You can find that blog here: I am having a psp block at the moment and I have 2 kits that are still waiting to be Hopefully I can get them done soon.. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.. Brat

Freebie - In Memory of Goose

I made this kit for my mom who lost her late husband in April of 1999..

He was riding his Harley around town with one other friend, they both went around this curve and lost control of their Harley-Davidson, hitting a pot hole and Goose went into the north ditch and hit a utility pole. His friend also went into the north ditch traveling through a yard and struck a pole. The friend survived, Goose didn't..

Here is the Preview: and you can get it here

Summer Fun Blog Train Leaving

All Aboard the Train
1 Staple
1 Sun
3 Bows
3 Clips
3 Glitter Flowers
3 Button Flowers
4 Glitter Bugs
4 Tags
4 Beach balls
4 Beaded Hearts
5 Beads
5 Ribbon Bows
5 Butterflies
5 Frames
5 Papers
5 Ric rac's
5 Sail boat Ribbons
5 Sand Castles
5 Stiches
5 Surfboards
7 Wordart You can pick it up here Here are all the train stops for this train. Don't forget to leave some love and remember we aren't all on the same time zone. Happy Scrappin'!!
1. Xelaxel
2. Kaz -
3. Tyger - (aka Blog Train Ho)
4. Robin -
5. Lisa -
6. Lisa -
7. Sassy -
8. Brat - ARE HERE
9. Jen -
10. Foxy -
11. Colleen -
12. Kicki - htt…

Summer Fun Blog Train


Jus doing some cleaning

I decided it was time to change my color theme.. It was all done by me this time.. Don't ask me how I done it, I couldn't tell you how.. I have made a new kit, but I haven't decided if I want to post it just yet.. I made it for my Mom.. In Memory of her husband that passed away back in 1999.. So it's kind of private for me.. But not to worry I am making another as I type this out.. One of my fellow members in Scrapbook4Fun actually gave me the idea an I loved the colors she done so that is what I am working on now.. But anyhoo I am off to feed the dogs and fix some dinner.. TC Brat

Happy Birthday to me!!

As you all are aware of, today is my birthday.. I was going to put up some freebiez, but decided not to becuz I do not know what I want to make yet. I am having a Scrappin' freebiez block right now.. So till it goes away, I think I will take a

Celebral Palsy Awareness

This kit is long over due for me, since my nephew Spencer has had this since he was born.. Spencer @ Grandma's House on December 6th, 2008 You can get this kit here 12.8MB Enjoy

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! Happy Mother's Day to all the women!! Wether you have children or not, you still take care of your man and that is just like being a mom.. lol..
Happy Mother's Day!! I have recently just finished my Mother's Day kit.. You can get it here

Memorial Day

Another kit done.. I hope you enjoy this Memorial kit as well.. You can pick it up here

Brain Aneurysm Awareness

here's a new Freebie for you all.. You can pick it up here

Busy Month..

Wow I have been pretty busy for the month of April.. I have 4 kits I am going to get out tomorrow.. so hopefully I will get some other things done as well.. I just thought I would come in here and put up an update so you know I am still alive and here..;p Well I am off to go watch a movie called: The Haunting of Molly Hartley.. TC.. Brat

Freebie Fuzzles

I made these from my tutorial that I posted.. You can get them here

How To Make A Fuzzle in PSP

How To Make A Fuzzle in PSP

You will need the following Plugins: Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Textures Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Impact MyPresetShapes: Here
1. Open a new image 600x600 2. Selection tool: Circle Drawl out a circle big or small, don't matter. 3. Pick a color, pattern or gradient and fill the circle you just made. 4. Go to effects/Plugins/Alien Skin Textures/Animal Fur use these settings:

Selections/Select none.
5. For the eyes we are going to use the following Preset Shapes and select the button 035 and drawl out a circle:
Convert Vector Layer to Raster Layer Effects/Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact/Glass with these settings:

6. For the center of the eye I used button 011 with the following settings:

Convert Vector Layer to Raster Layer
Effects/Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact/Glass with these settings: same settings as before but we are going to change the color to black:

7. Now you have the choice to either leave it black or colorize the center of the eye. Merge down. Duplicate. Image/Mir…

Freebie Bowz

I made these this morning and thought to share them with you.. You can pick them up here

Update On Spencer 2

I was so happy to hear that Spencer was released from the hospital on Saturday Morning that I forgot to post it on my blog.. Thank you all for all your wonderful prayers and Thank You, Jesus for the people who was prayering for Spencer... You all are a true Blessing.. Brat

Update on Spencer

These pictures where taking yesterday. But I wanted you all to know that he is doing alot better today and he has been taking off all of these machines that you see him on.. He was taking out of ICU and now has his own little room. He was able to have a bowel movement, but they are going to give some Pedia-Lax or an Enema to help move the rest out.. He has a block in his colon which is backing up into his stomach that is causing him to be constipated.. I will know more later, when family calls me.. Thank you all for all the wonderful prayers. My prayers are with the families of Angel and Hannah as well.
Thanks, Auntie Brat

Bad News & Good News

Bad News: Well I got a phone call from my mom tis morning and my nephew Spencer, who is 4 years old and who has cerebral palsy.. went by ambulance to Iowa City hospital because he had a bad Seizure and was unconscious for most of the day.
Good News: They ran a bunch of test on him but everything came back normal. I got another phone call just about 10 minutes ago and Spencer is finally awake. The nurse's notice that he wasn't doing any bowel movents, only to find out that it is stuck in his stomach. They have him on 4 machines and are going to keep a very close eye on him. He will remain in ICU over night.. then they will see what he does in the morning before they even think about releasing him. I will keep you post on him when I get it.. Just in case those of you don't remember little Spencer, here is a picture of him..

All Aboard for the First Scrap Stuff with PSP and PS Freebie Blog Train

The entire train is packed full of Tagger Size Materials. Here is mine You can pick it up here Below are all the train stops for this train. Don't forget to leave some love and remember we aren't all on the same time zone. Happy Scrappin'!!
Candy Treasures Misty Lisa Shawna Candy Kelly Spencer Catherine Janet Michelle BeeHaven Designz
Aisha Lisa Kicki Dilcia Miguy Rhonda Xelaxel Loumari Ginavere Trixy Kaz Lena Wingz Donna *****Brat***** Melody Ria Fiery Catmom Marianne Melonie
Shannon Shannons portion of the train may be late because she has had some personal family issues to deal with. Please Pray for her Daughter Hannah.

Easter Kit Freebie

I have been running around too much I think.. Between the Blog Train that takes off on Friday, April 3rd.., Making my Autism Awareness kit since April is all about Autism and then it was Easter..
So Since I have gotten them all done for the month of April it is time to think what will come in May.. Here is my Easter Kit 18 Papers 14 Eggs 8 chicks each with different eye 7 ButterFlies 7 Word Arts 6 Bows 6 Easter Baskets 6 Flowers 6 Ribbons 6 SCRibbons 5 Circle Tags 3 Heart Beads 3 Daffodils 2 Clips 2 Buttons 2 Chocolate Bunnies You can pick it up here

Autism Awareness Freebie

You can pick it up here

Blog Train Rolling Through!!!

Come hop aboard the Blog train that's rolling through my blog.
Alot of great scrap artists have come together to get the train moving!
We go live on Friday April 3, 2009. Don't be late!!!

New Glitters

Since my internet was down last night due to the Ice Snow storm we got here in Kansas I decided to make new glitters.. Nothing like the other ones either.. Click on the colors to download.. Yellow Watermelon
Teal DarkPurple and Purple HotPink Blue
Green Greyscale

A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks goes out to Gina, Shawna, Angie, Diz, Misty and Jade Sinful all of which are wonderful ladies from Scrap Stuff with PSP and PS for helping me get my background on my blogger.. Especially to Gina for working non stop to fixing all the details.. We were working very hard to get it fixed. One night it took us 2 hours just to get the right size.. I was changing the settings and remaking the background to make it fit right. Then the header wouldn't fit just right I went through 68 images before I had it right.. Then last night things didn't look right I couldn't see the buttons on my background.. The ladies were giving great advice on how to fix it.. Gina went right to work.. She fixed it again.. Everything was centered.. But I had to redo the header from scratch again.. As she giggles about I am just so happy to see it all put together and I didn't care about the header needing fixed again.. But it is now fixed.. I just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU TO G…


I got a little creative today and decided to make some glitters.. There are 12 different ones.. You can pick them up here

Freebie Earth Day

What is Earth Day?
Earth Day is a Birthday!!
Just like a birthday is a special day to celebrate a person. Earth Day is a special day that celebrates the Earth. Earth Day was born on April 22, 1970, in San Francisco, California. Every year, America and over 100 different countries join together in the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd. Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. On Earth Day, we remember to appreciate nature and learn ways to protect our environment. Find ways that you can help keep the planet clean and help protect our environment!
Nine really important Things You and Your Family can do to help the environment!!
1. Shop locally: Walk to a store near your house, Go to one store for every need instead of driving all around town for to different items, if a store like that is to far away then ride a bike or a skateboard etc., By doing these you will already be saving the earth and tons of $.
2. Reduce Recycle Reuse: Reduce the amount of tras…

Spring is Here

Finally Spring is just around the corner.. I know alot of you have plans to start planting your flowers and your gardens.. My mom started picking out seeds that she wants to plant..

I have been busy creating my Easter kit.. With May just around the corner I know it will be a busy month for all of the Scrap Designers out there.. With Mother's Day, Graduation, and then Memorial Day you probably will not see me around.. lol..

We have a lot of birthdays in the month of May and in June..
Well I am going to try a new neo counter since my other bombed out..

Hopefully this new one will work..


I got my first Award while I was away and wanted to share it with everyone... It came from Lori at Make sure you stop by her site and pick a her freebiez
Premio Dardos Award
The Premio Dardos award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.
Please stop at all the links below to visit their beautiful sites.
The rules are: 1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to other to 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
So I pick (in no particular order)... 1. Shawna at Scrap Stuff with PSP 2. Gail at Aussie Scrap Designs 3. Teresa at Teresa's Scraps 4. Kirsty at Kirsty's Scraps 5. Aquarius at Aquarius Design 6. Snowraven's Cave 7. AloDezigns 8. Designs By Foxy…

Those of you having problems with RAR Files

Here is a link to a free program called EXTRACT NOW, that allows you to open these files
Really easily.

Just scroll towards the bottom of the page and click on DOWNLOAD EXTRACT NOW.
Once you have it installed on your computer, all you have to do is open the page where you
Have saved the RAR file, then open Extract Now and drag and drop the Rar file into it and click EXTRACT on the bottom right. It extracts the data into it's own folder on that page.
Then click CLEAR ALL and close page. Then you can delete the RAR file you downloaded.
Hope this is useful to all of you who are having problems downloading my scrapz..
Hugzz Brat

Breast Cancer Awareness Freebie

I have also completed my Breast Cancer Awareness kit.. 21 Papers 5 Bows 6 Sewing Buttons 6 Heart Frames 6 Ribbons 2 Buckles 3 Butterflies 24 Buttons 2 Candles 2 Daisys 1 Alphabet 1 Drawn Flower 2 Flowers 2 Flower Bows 5 Glittler Beads w/DS 5 Glitter Beads 2 Knotted Bows 4 RicRacs 9 Tagz and Lots of Word Art You can pick that up here

St.Patrick's Kit Freebies

I finally finished with my Patty's kit, just time for me to finish packing and clean the house..
Enjoy!! **Hugzz Brat** You can get this here

My Blinkie


Busy Busy

I've been busy working on St. Patricks and a Breast Cancer Awareness Kit.. Trying to get it out before I take off to Iowa.. My Mom had surgrey last Friday and well you would think that if your son lived 5 -7 blocks from you, you would think he would come by and help his mother.. He is to stuck on himself an ungrateful person to give a hoot about anyone else... I am 4 hours from her, so I am going home to help her.. Which means no time to play with kits.. I will make up for the month I miss.. Well I am off to update the Wall of Fame.. Take Care Hugzz Brat

Awareness Ribbon and their Colors

Colors of the ribbons for Awareness.. Well I came up with the following: Red: Aids/HIV, Substance Abuse, DUI, Lymphoma and Heart Disease Orange: Leukemia, RDS/CRPS Yellow: Hope, Military Support, Sarcoma, Testicular Cancer, Bladder Cancer and Liver Cancer Green: Organ Donation, Missing Childre, Environmental Safe Driving, Kidney Cancer, and Bone Marrow Donation Blue: Child Abuse Prevention, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, and Police Officers Lost in Duty Purple: Alzheimer's, Domestic Volence, Pancreatic Cancer, Children with Disabilities, Hodgkin's Lymphoma Gynecological Cancer, Crohn's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Epilepsy. Thyroid Cancer and Lupus Gold: Childhood Cancer Grey or Silver: Brain Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and Down Syndrome Pink: Breast Cancer Light Blue: Prostate Cancer White: Bone Cancer Teal: Ovarian Cancer Teal and White: Cervical Cancer Black: Mourning and Melanoma Pearl: Lung Cancer and Bronchial Cancer You may also go Here for more

Freebie Purple Jammer

Here's the Purple Jammer.. You can get that here

Freebie Valentine's Kit

Well I finally finished it.. But I wanted to add more to it, but I couldnt think of anything else to put it in..Someone once said to me if you can't think of anything else to add, then you are done with it.. So I guess I am done with it..
Enjoy!! You can get it here

Good Morning

Well I have been sitting here working on my Valentine's kit and well I am having a bit of trouble making them bows with the tie in the center.. ya would think by now I would have everything down pat.. But nooo.. I've had a bad cold for the past 3 weeks now an I am no where feeling any better, but it seems to have lifted some.. Still sneezing like crazy.. I think sometimes I might be allergic to either my dogs, my ferrets or maybe even my hubby.. As long as I am not around them I am fine, but as soon as I get around them I start sneezing 3 or 4 times straight in a row.. Well I figured I would sneak in and leave a note so my girlie friends don't think something has happened to me.. I hope you all have a wonderful week.. **hugzz Brat**