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Lack of motivation

Seems like forever since I was in the mood to create something special. With all the deaths that have came to my family in a year, I have tried to create something but, I find myself to numb to do so.
Last year (2016) on Thanksgiving, My Grandmother passed away. I pretty much lost it when my grandmother passed.. Couldn't do anything but work. My creative went down the toilet.
 Grandpa Cliff passed away sometime around Christmas last year and then 2017 brought me more families passing. 
Lost my Uncle Roy to cancer, beginning of 2017.
I was hoping to have a wonderful year this year, without any deaths, but I was wrong. Because only God picks the best to take home with him..
Thanksgiving this year, was finally looking up.. 6 days later, My cousin and a 4 year old child she was babysitting died, in a horrible house fire. 
I am stunned and shocked. Why? How did this happen? Why her? 
It was her 23rd Birthday, and she went home to be with with God. She was a Mother of 3 children, she w…

New Freebie Changes of Seasons

you can pick that up HERE

Freebie Starry Skies

Not all is shown in Preview 28MBs You can pick it up HERE

Freebie Traditional Wedding

Kit includes:  Ball n Chain Heart String Wedding Knot Garter Word Art Button Frame Wedding Cake Church Wedding Gown Wedding Tux Wedding Bands Bride & Groom Glasses 2 Flower Buttons 4 Heart Ribbons 5 Round Ribbons 5 Stamped Frames 5 Papers 5 Heart Ribbons 5 Flower Bows 5 Bows 5 Buttons 10 Brads 15 Ribbons
You may pick it up here

Working a newer kit

Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on a new kit. I will try to have it uploaded by earlier August.. Please stay tune.. Hope all have a wonderful Summer

Freebie Baby Girl Kit

Older Kit but it has been Updated, More files have been added. You may pick it up here

Freebie BabyBoy Tagger Scrapkit

In December of 2008 I made a baby boy scrap kit, well I decided that it need more things added to it so I have added more things to it. You may pick this up here If you download please be kind and leave a comment Thanks

New Freebie kits coming soon

Been busy working alot of overtime at work.
I am in the process of working on new baby kits so please
have some

Freebie Butterflies

Butterflies can be picked up HERE 37.1MB
Kit Includes 1 Spiral Flower 1 set of staples 2 sets of Butterflies 8 Tags 8 Papers 8 Bows 8 Brads 8 Buttons 8 Fringed Ribbons 8 RicRacs 8 Small Bows 7 Scallop Ribbons 23 Flowers

**FREEBIE** Pimpin Pearls Tagger Size

You may pick it up HERE
34.7MB Contains: 21 Papers 9 RicRacs 9 Scallop Ribbons 15 Ribbon Bows 1 Word Art 2 Layout Pages 4 Masks 5 Heart Frames 9 Flowers 6 Buttons 2 Alaphabets (Caps and Normal Letters) 1 Set of Pearls

2 Old Awareness Freebies

You May Pick this up HERE
Kit Contains:
21 Papers
5 Bows 6 Sewing Buttons 6 Hearts 6 Ribbons 2 Buckles 3 Butterflies 24 Buttons 2 Candles 2 Daisies 1 Alphabet 1 Drawn Flower 2 Flowers 2 Flower Bows 5 Glittered Beads w/DS 5 Glitter Beads 2 Knotted Bows 4 Ric Racs 9 Tags  and Lots of Word Art

Autism Awareness You may pick this up here

Work in Progress

I am currently working on a new kit to be released soon..
got alot of ideas running thru my mind the last 4 mos, so instead of letting them go to waste, i figured what the heck, time for a new kit..  Please check back later..