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Freebie BabyBoy Tagger Scrapkit

In December of 2008 I made a baby boy scrap kit, well I decided that it need more things added to it so I have added more things to it. You may pick this up here If you download please be kind and leave a comment Thanks

New Freebie kits coming soon

Been busy working alot of overtime at work.
I am in the process of working on new baby kits so please
have some

Freebie Butterflies

Butterflies can be picked up HERE 37.1MB
Kit Includes 1 Spiral Flower 1 set of staples 2 sets of Butterflies 8 Tags 8 Papers 8 Bows 8 Brads 8 Buttons 8 Fringed Ribbons 8 RicRacs 8 Small Bows 7 Scallop Ribbons 23 Flowers