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3 New Freebies Today

First I would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!!
Here are your Freebies
1st Freebie
You can pick up Ashleys Door HERE
2nd Freebie
You can pick up Ashleys Sunset HERE
and the last one
You can pick up my Christmas Bliss HERE

Freebie Ashleys Rainbow

My grandson's first trip to the Magic Kingdom
You may pick it up here

How to use Photoshop Brushes in Paint Shop Pro

I have had many people ask me how do i get photoshop brushes to work in Paint Shop Pro. 
It's very simple to do, as long as you have the right tools..
I use a program called abrMate 1.1
Hope this helps you..

Freebie Colors of the Wind

You may pick up this kit HERE

Freebie Beach Time

Beach Time

You may download it HERE
This layout is included..  My Parents are not included, lol

Color Scheme

This is where i find my colors for my kits..

3 Freebies Chocolate Chiller, My Reds and Heavenly Hues

You may d/l HERE

You may d/l HERE

You may d/l HERE
I hope you enjoy!!

Freebie Chelles Got The Blues

I got the blues...
You may d/l it Here

Freebie God is Watching

God is always watching.. I miss my son terribly and what a way to remember him..
Click HERE to download 151.3MB Not all is shown

Freebie Vintage Birthday Girl

Vintage Birthday Girl You may pick it up HERE
I will be in the process of remaking a new "God is Watching" kit, since I have lost it completely so look for that in a couple of weeks.. I will try not to make it too big, but I can not promise you anything.. God Bless you and thank you for the comments.. Hugss, Chelle💕💕

Freebie Vintage Birthday Boy

You may pick it up here

Time Out for me

I was in the process of making Birthday kits when I got a call from my father.. turns out my oldest Son Jeffrey Todd had died.. He was just 25 and a daddy.. We are not suppose to bury our children, they are to bury us. But I know God has a special plan for him and needed to take him home. These are memories we treasure of you my precious son..  You were so kind and loving,
so special through and through.
There is the very special smile that you always had.
Most times were good, But sometimes they were sad.

We shall always remember from now until we die, Our prayers will always be with you. But for now , we say, good bye.. I love you, Son and I WILL MISS YOU dearly

Freebie Cactus

My Mom asked if I would do this one.. You may pick it up HERE Hope you enjoy.. Yes I had a lovely time making my cactus, it took some trial and error but i think i finally got it after I got tired of trying to make the last one look right..

Updating Blog

Lord, I am having some serious issues with this new blog template and everything that goes with it.. Why must you continue to change a good thing I will never know.. I have tried many times tonight to add  my own personal background and header.. Cant get the backgound to load no how.. So i had to do a whole new template, I don't like it!!!!!  I dont like the new templates that I am having to use, either.. I want my old one.. I am not use to change but I guess I will have to get use to it whether I want to or not.. Times are a changing and I can't be left behind in the dark..

Valentines Lover

Finally got my Valentines Kit done.. Took me awhile.. But I got it!!

You may pick it up HERE

Freebie Kit: Red Poppies

I miss my Grandmother so much, I had to make this scrapbooking kit in her memory..

Here is the preview for the Kit:
And you may pick up this freebie Kit HERE
Credit for the Angel Wings: Thy-Darkest-Hour