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Freebie Cactus

My Mom asked if I would do this one.. You may pick it up HERE Hope you enjoy.. Yes I had a lovely time making my cactus, it took some trial and error but i think i finally got it after I got tired of trying to make the last one look right..

Updating Blog

Lord, I am having some serious issues with this new blog template and everything that goes with it.. Why must you continue to change a good thing I will never know.. I have tried many times tonight to add  my own personal background and header.. Cant get the backgound to load no how.. So i had to do a whole new template, I don't like it!!!!!  I dont like the new templates that I am having to use, either.. I want my old one.. I am not use to change but I guess I will have to get use to it whether I want to or not.. Times are a changing and I can't be left behind in the dark..

Valentines Lover

Finally got my Valentines Kit done.. Took me awhile.. But I got it!!

You may pick it up HERE