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Happy Birthday to me!!

As you all are aware of, today is my birthday.. I was going to put up some freebiez, but decided not to becuz I do not know what I want to make yet. I am having a Scrappin' freebiez block right now.. So till it goes away, I think I will take a

Celebral Palsy Awareness

This kit is long over due for me, since my nephew Spencer has had this since he was born.. Spencer @ Grandma's House on December 6th, 2008 You can get this kit here 12.8MB Enjoy

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! Happy Mother's Day to all the women!! Wether you have children or not, you still take care of your man and that is just like being a mom.. lol..
Happy Mother's Day!! I have recently just finished my Mother's Day kit.. You can get it here

Memorial Day

Another kit done.. I hope you enjoy this Memorial kit as well.. You can pick it up here

Brain Aneurysm Awareness

here's a new Freebie for you all.. You can pick it up here

Busy Month..

Wow I have been pretty busy for the month of April.. I have 4 kits I am going to get out tomorrow.. so hopefully I will get some other things done as well.. I just thought I would come in here and put up an update so you know I am still alive and here..;p Well I am off to go watch a movie called: The Haunting of Molly Hartley.. TC.. Brat