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Freebie Baby Girl Kit

Here is the Baby Girl Kit You can get it here
Not all shown

Freebie Baby Boy Kit

Here is the Baby Boy Kit: You can pick it up here Not all is shown!

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! I decided against making a New Year kit since I have seen so many out there that I didn't need to make one.. I have been playing around and decided that I would get started on a Baby kits.. Since my cousin Jerrie's Daughter had a baby on the day that I arrived in Iowa for my Christmas with my family.. I didn't get any pic's of the baby yet..
So I decided to use my girlfriend Channi's son Matty.. He is such a cutie.. Here is the QP I did of him:

And since I didn't have any baby pic's of any of our girls I decided to use My Mom, Callie (cat), Spencer my nephew an I..
Hey it looked good to that's all it matters to me..
Here is the baby girl one: They will be in each kit.. Off to upload the kits to 4shared.. Enjoy!!