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Breast Cancer Awareness Freebie

I have also completed my Breast Cancer Awareness kit.. 21 Papers 5 Bows 6 Sewing Buttons 6 Heart Frames 6 Ribbons 2 Buckles 3 Butterflies 24 Buttons 2 Candles 2 Daisys 1 Alphabet 1 Drawn Flower 2 Flowers 2 Flower Bows 5 Glittler Beads w/DS 5 Glitter Beads 2 Knotted Bows 4 RicRacs 9 Tagz and Lots of Word Art You can pick that up here

St.Patrick's Kit Freebies

I finally finished with my Patty's kit, just time for me to finish packing and clean the house..
Enjoy!! **Hugzz Brat** You can get this here

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Busy Busy

I've been busy working on St. Patricks and a Breast Cancer Awareness Kit.. Trying to get it out before I take off to Iowa.. My Mom had surgrey last Friday and well you would think that if your son lived 5 -7 blocks from you, you would think he would come by and help his mother.. He is to stuck on himself an ungrateful person to give a hoot about anyone else... I am 4 hours from her, so I am going home to help her.. Which means no time to play with kits.. I will make up for the month I miss.. Well I am off to update the Wall of Fame.. Take Care Hugzz Brat